Hindu wedding is Vedic ceremony symbolising the union of Lord Vishnu(groom) and Goddess Laskhmi(bride). Vedic rituals of wedding are sacred and timeless.


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Duration: 3 hrs
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No. of Pandit : 2


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No. of Pandit: 7

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Optional Services

The Big Day for bride and groom as well as both families! The occasion which will be celebrated in coming years and regarded as most significant day of their lives…..a huge step in the new world!

Hindu wedding takes place in Mandap- the sacred, four-pillared platform made with banana trees/sugarcane standing four pillars, adorned with mango leaves, flowers, kalash with other modern decorative items like curtains and lights. Even Mandap Ropan is a significant ritual before marriage and requires a Mahurat from Pandit 365.

Why Mandap Ropan?

According to the Vedas, the four pillars of Mandap signify

  • 4 aspects of life - Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, all required to fulfill the married life
  • 4 parents (mother-father of each) of the couple, whose love, support and blessings complete the marriage
  • 4 walls of the symbolic home, where the couple will live together

According to Grihya Sutras, there are key wedding rituals in Hindu wedding (which may differ depending on community traditions) like Jai Mala,Kanyadaan,  Panigrahan/Hasta Milaap, Vivaah Homa, Gath Bandhan,  Laja Homa, Agni Pradakshina/Pheras and Mangalsutra & Sindoor ceremony.

Jaimala or varmala is exchange of garlands to signify that bride and groom has chosen each other with love and willingness. Bride’s father gives away her daughter (symbol of Lakshmi) by placing her hand in groom’s (symbol of Vishnu) hand (Kanyadaan ) and sanctifying the ritual by water (Paanigrahan).

Vivaah Homa is where the sacred fire(Agni) is lit in centre of Mandap, agni as the prime witness to the marriage rituals. The couple pour ghee into the fire as offering and prays to the Gods for Santati (children), Sampatti (wealth & prosperity) and Deergharogya (long and healthy lives).

Sister of groom ties the ends of the garments of couple signifying they are now united (Gathbandhan) in presence of agni. Bride’s brother gives the handful of rice to the couple and the couple offers it to the agni together (Laja Homa) and they start circling around agni performing Agni Pradakshina uttering their vows.

Mangal sutra, a sacred ornament given by groom to bride and sindoor are symbols of marital dignity and chastity.

All these rituals hold traditional significance and have been performed to mark the sanctity of marriage. Vedic mantras are chanted during each of these rituals to seal every ceremony with the blessings of Universe and Gods in heaven!

Why Shaadi (Wedding Ceremony)

  • Hindu wedding is Vedic ceremony symbolising the union of Lord Vishnu(groom) and Goddess Laskhmi(bride)
  • Vedic rituals of wedding are sacred and timeless
  • To Hindus, fire (Agni) symbolises purity. Agni consumes the old and paves the way for a new creation(new life for bride & groom). It is mediator of material and spiritual world.
  • Every ritual in witness of agni, strengthens the sacred vow of commitment between bride & groom
  • Every ritual in witness of agni, is a reminder for couple- to remain loyal and loving towards each throughout their journey
  • The holy hymns/Shlokas sanctify and energise every ritual with positivity and blessings
  • Ceremonies involve participation of both families and their blessings
  • Stepping into a new world and beginning new life with blessings of Gods in heaven

Hinduism is a vast culture and different sects like Punjabis, Marathis, Marwaris, Rajputs, Bangalis, Gujaratis, South Indians and others have their own variation in customs and rituals of wedding. Pandit 365 caters to all. Find out auspicious Mahurat for wedding!

About Pooja

How do I search poojas?

Just go to 'Types of Poojas' and select from the list or type the name of pooja you want.

What if the pooja service I want, is not listed on

We have done our best to list all the vedic poojas, but in case you do not find the vedic pooja pertaining to your religion- Kindly contact us on ….. or fill out the form for the same given on home page mentioning your details and name of the specific vedic pooja. We will do our best to arrange the pandit for the vedic pooja asked by you. Important Note - does not provide any totkas, spells, charms, black magic, vashikaran, or exorcism services. Kindly do not contact us for such dark (tamsic) services. We only provide sattvik, vedic poojas and related services.

Will the pooja rituals be according to my religious customs and traditions?

We take special care of choosing the pandit, belonging to same religious background as the client or at least someone who has knowledge of rituals as per the caste and gotra of client, so he can carry out the pooja rituals according to your religious customs and traditions.

In which language pooja will be performed?

We have given you the choice of language preference, you can select from the options and we will provide pandit , who will perform pooja in the language selected by you.

How much time does pooja take?

Pooja duration will depend on package chosen, but normally any pooja will take 1 hour or so.

How do I know the best mahurat for pooja?

You can choose your date+ time on and we will give you best mahurat for that day, then you can opt for the mahurat convenient to you. You can even choose range of dates + timings, so Pandit365 can give you the best mahurat for the pooja ceremony and occasion.

Can I change the schedule of pooja?

Changing the time of pooja on the day chosen by you can be done, only if pandit is available for that time, otherwise you can re-schedule it for later date by asking for another mahurat convenient for you.

Can I to substitute pooja and ask for another pooja on same booking?

Substitution of pooja is available, if you ask for it at least before 2 days of your mahurat. We try our level best to re-arrange everything for you. You need to pay the cost and taxes applicable for that pooja within 24 hours of your request. We do not entertain request for substitution on the same day of your mahurat, as all arrangements have already been done by our pandit. We can only re-schedule your mahurat and provide you the substitute pooja at applicable cost and taxes. Partial Cancellation charges of previous pooja are applicable on the same day substitution request.

Can I add on another pooja for same mahurat after the booking?

Additional pooja for same mahurat is feasible only ,if pandit is available for that duration and mahurat is apt. You have to request for additional pooja, by email or calling us on….at least 2 days before your mahurat and pay all the applicable cost+taxes for the add-on pooja within 24 hours. Additional pooja request on same day is not feasible, but if our pandit is available, you will have to pay additional cost of pooja to and not to pandit directly.

How accurate and effective are pooja services by

All pooja rituals, mantra pronunciation and prayers will be carried out as per vedic standard and according to shastras by our scholarly pandits. Poojas are not substitute or whole and sole solution for your personal, professional, physical, emotional and mental problems. Poojas do not directly guarantee to treat health issues of any kind or family & office disputes or settle legal court matters. Poojas solely provide you with spiritual and mental strength to overcome your personal & professional problems as well as psychological & physical problems. Do not expect miracles!

About Pandit

Do I get the pandit of my religion, community and gotra?

We try our level best to provide you the pandit, who has knowledge of your religious customs and traditions, so he performs pooja according to the rituals identified by your community.

Do I get pandit speaking my language?

You have option to select language preference of pandit while making the booking of pooja, so be assured- pandit will perform pooja in language selected by you.

Can I book a pandit on same day of pooja?

Only if, pandit and mahurat, both are available for same day, we can provide you the services. We require at least 48 hours- for processing the delivery of pandit and pooja services. Plus, mahurat is also important. So, bookings should be made well in advance or at least 2 days before your preferred date. We can guarantee the timely and best services, only when you book in advance.

Can I book pandit for pooja on same day festival?

All our festival bookings start at least 4 weeks before the festival date due to demand of pandits for festival poojas. During festive season, pandits are not easily available, so we request you to make bookings at least 2 weeks before the date of festival to avoid hassle of last minute rush.

What if my pandit is late?

If pandit is late due to unavoidable circumstances like traffic jam or train delays, pooja will be performed on nex,t best mahurat for the same day. Usually, good mahurat lasts for at least 3 -4 hours.

What if my pandit does not turn up?

We assure that pandits are bound by contract with Pandit365 and no show, leads to violation. If pandit has not turned up due to his personal reasons, then we cannot help it. We will arrange the pandit available nearby your area or refund the full amount, without any delay, in case of no show.

Do I have to bear travel cost of pandit? is offering pooja services within Mumbai suburbs, central, western, harbor and Navi Mumbai. If the venue for pooja or occasion is within Mumbai limits, then we bear the cost of travel. In case, pooja venue is outside Mumbai limits then you will have to bear the cost of travel, accommodation and food for pandit.

Can I book pandit for pooja on same day festival?

All our festival bookings start at least 4 weeks before the festival date due to demand of pandits for festival poojas. During festive season, pandits are not easily available, so we request you to make bookings at least 2 weeks before the date of festival to avoid hassle of last minute rush.

Can I offer meals/snacks/cold-drinks to pandit as a part of civility?

Yes, you can offer meal to pandit, if you wish to as part of your custom and civility or else it is not a compulsion.

Can I give donation like grains and dhoti/saree to pandit?

You can do such donations to poor and needy people. Extra DAAN (any material like grains, clothes to pandit) is strictly not encouraged or entertained by Still, in case, as per your customs and wish, you can give such donation in form of Brahman daan. It is purely as per your wish and willingness. There is no compulsion. We DO NOT take any donations, chanda, chadhawa, name of Daan/Dakshina apart from the actual cost displayed on our website.

Can I give extra money as form of dakshina to pandit?

Dakshina for pandit is included in cost of pooja. You need not shell out a single rupee apart from actual cost of pooja. Extra DAKSHINA (any money apart from actual cost to pandit) is strictly not encouraged or entertained by If our pandit asks for extra amount other than actual, kindly inform We DO NOT take any donations, chanda, chadhawa, name of Daan/Dakshina apart from the actual cost displayed on our website.

Do I have to give money/fruits/sweets offered to deity at time of pooja to the pandit?

No! You keep the money/fruits/sweets offered to deity at the time of pooja and donate to the needy and poor people.

Can I book same pandit by calling directly for pooja, without mediation of Pandit365?

If you choose to call same pandit directly for next pooja, without mediation of Pandit365, then we do not bear any responsibility of services, products, cost or any kind of transaction between you and that pandit. It is solely your choice, your responsibility and no complaints will be entertained by in this event.

About Booking

How do I book pooja or any services on Pandit365?

You log onto, select location, pandit language preference, date & time, package and make online advance or full through netbanking, cards, UPI, etc. to confirm your pooja services. You can even call our customer service and confirm the pooja and pandit service by paying through PayTM. You can also drop in at our registered office in Dadar East, Mumbai and book on spot by paying through cash. Read How Pandit365 works and proceed to book online.

What happens once I make the booking?

Once you have done the booking, our team will be constantly in touch with you to convey the preparations for pooja and clarifying all your doubts regarding the pooja. Be assured - our pandit will reach your at requested place on the your preferred mahurat and deliver the pooja service accordingly.

What all is included in booking cost?

Cost of pooja rituals , pandit service cost, basic pooja samagri and travel cost of pandit within Mumbai city plus all applicable taxes are included in booking cost.
About Pooja Samagri

What kind of pooja samagri is provided by you?

The quality and quantity of Pooja Samagri, provided for the pooja by Pandit365, will be as per the package chosen by you. Samagri cost is included with pooja services and it includes only basic samagri required in every pooja. Flowers, fruits, coconut, bananas and basic items like agarbatti, kapoor, etc. are included.

Will I have to arrange any samagri, not included in basic samagri, for pooja?

Any special samagri, apart from basic samagri, required for any specific pooja, will be provided by us on request or you can choose to arrange it yourself. It will be conveyed in advance by our pandit.

What are special samagris?

Some special samagris are required for specific poojas. For example - milk, sugarcane juice, panchamrut for Rudrabhishek, deity clothes like Krishna vastra for Krishna pooja, Jhoola for Baal Gopal for Janmashtmi pooja, Solah Shingar for Devi, yagnya kund for havan, are special samagris and not included in samagri provided by

Is Prasad included in basic samagri?

No! Any kind of Prasad, like home-made or readymade sweets, panchamrut, or any bhog for deities, has to be arranged by you.

What if I do not have idol or photos of deity for the pooja?

You have to arrange- Deity photos or idols for pooja. On request, we can arrange deity photos or idols at extra cost and you can retain the same for your worship.

What are basic articles I have to arrange, which are required in pooja?

Any kind of basic articles – like diyas, pooja thali, kalash, tamba patra required in pooja, have to be arranged by you.

Does provide decorations for mandir or venue at the time of pooja?

No! Any kind of decoration for pooja- like lighting or flower decoration for mandir / decoration for Mata ki chowki/Satyanarayan chowki, is solely your responsibility and you have to bear the cost as per your wish.

Cancellation & Re-scheduling

How do I cancel pooja?

You need to cancel by sending us email on … or calling our customer service providing your order No. Cancellation is accepted 2 days ahead of the mahurat date. For example- if your mahurat date is 16 August, 2018- you can request cancellation on or before 13 August, 2018. Full amount is refunded via same mode of payment, chosen by you at the time of booking.

Can I re-schedule instead of cancellation?

You need to inform about re-scheduling by sending us email on … or calling our customer service providing your order No. Re-scheduling is accepted 2 days ahead of the mahurat date. For example- if your mahurat date is 16 August, 2018- you can request re-scheduling on or before 13 August, 2018. We can re-schedule it for later mahurat according to availability of our pandit.

Can I cancel the pooja on the same day of mahurat?

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if you need to cancel the pooja on the same day of mahurat, we can re-schedule it for later date on your request. Only re-scheduling is available and partial cancellation cost of the same day is applicable on re-scheduling. Cancellation is not entertained on the same day. No refund for the same –day cancellation.

Can I cancel pooja in case of state emergencies or natural calamities?

Pooja is automatically cancelled from our end, in the event of state emergencies like bandhs, riots, bomb blasts, curfew or due to natural calamities like floods, earthquake, storm warning, etc. Full refund is initiated by informing you about the cancellation. We will get in touch with you for the same booking when circumstances are back to normal.

About Astrology & Vaastu

Can I consult the same pandit (sent for pooja) for astrology and vaastu?

We offer astrology & vaastu consultation services separately and you can make the booking for the same along with pooja booking online. You cannot consult the pandit sent by us at the time of pooja without any payment to

How do I book astrology or vaastu consultation?

We have Category named Astrology/Vaastu Services – from which you can select the service you want and make the booking online or on phone. You can club this service with the poojas.

What if service I want is not listed in the category of astrology & vaastu category?

You can call us or fill the contact form mentioning the service you want. We will try our level best to arrange it for you.

Do I have to purchase yantra, gemstones or objects of vaastu on my own or can arrange for me?

All the yantras, gemstones and vaastu objects have to be arranged by you. If you want us to arrange those, it comes at extra cost and we do not take responsibility for any wear and tear of those objects after pooja. As they solely become your property after pooja and you have to maintain them as per pandit’s suggestions. For example- Yantras are made of copper, so the colour changes naturally day by day, you have to clean it with pitambari powder to keep it clean. is not responsible for the change of colour, brokerage, or damage of any of these things.

How accurate and effective are yantras, gemstones and astrological / vaastu remedies?

We provide these services through scholarly pandits who have wisdom and knowledge of such esoteric subjects. Moreover, Astrology/Vaastu/Gemstone remedies provide you the support and blessing of Gods but it is not the whole and sole solution. For example- If you wear Emerald for education- you cannot pass in examination, if you are not studying and just dreaming about passing exams depending on emerald. You cannot get a job, just by changing your sleeping direction as per vaastu, is you are not even applying or actively searching for one. Even yantras have to be cleaned and worshipped regularly to receive its benefits over the time. All remedies are for added spiritual support and will show improvements over the period of time.

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